Evolve Your Money is the best step you can take to begin your financial freedom! Let me tell you why.  My husband and I needed some serious financial direction. Finances are a touchy subject, nobody wants to let anyone in to such a personal part of their life, including my husband and myself as we are very private people. We took a step out of our comfort zone and we are glad we did!

Shauna will analyze your current financial status and help you set reasonable achievable financial goals, key word being achievable. She can address a broad array of questions competently, provide objective advice as she lives by what she teaches and help you weigh the financial consequences of life decisions.

Financial freedom takes time, dedication and discipline.  Years later, my husband and I still use the services, education and resources provided to us and have seen drastic changes. -R.M.

I have known Shauna for many years.  She is dedicated and committed to anything she puts her mind and hands to.  When she told me, almost a decade ago, that she was debt free, I asked her how did she do that and she offered to work with me to achieve my financial goals. I accepted her offer and now I am debt free! I admire her tenacity and dedication to helping others achieve the same feat using biblical principles. By using her unique method of Disciplined Evolving of Budget over Time (D.E.B.T.), I can happily say that my money and my life have evolved satisfactorily. I am now happier than I have ever been.  Financial freedom is indeed a wonderful experience. With the knowledge I have gained from Ms. Dyson, I will never accumulate debt again. Thank you Shauna!  I thank God for you and I will be forever grateful for you help. -E. W.

Money is one thing everyone has in common. Being able to manage it not so much. I struggled with managing money as a teen and a little into my adult life. The tips and knowledge Shauna has given to me has helped me to get myself in a better position to the point where not only was I able to move but also have a vacation planned in the upcoming months. With Shauna, all you have to do is put plan into action. You only see progress if you attempt to make progress. Evolve your money! I did and you can too. -D.L.