Vision & Mission

Evolve Your Money is a financial coaching business geared toward helping individuals and families attain financial freedom using biblical principles and foundational action steps that focus on Disciplined Evolving of Budget over Time (D.E.B.T.)©

My Story

Your financial coach, Shauna Dyson, has been financially free for nearly 10 years and is passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals for debt free living.  Shauna understands the struggle that many people face when deciding to become financially free.  She began her journey to financial freedom in 2006 and by 2010 was debt free.  Although the action steps were easy in theory, the practical steps taken in her journey were challenging.  She realized that in order to gain momentum and success, she had to change her mindset. Once that small but essential piece was completely understood and accepted, Shauna was able to pay off her debt in record time. Financial freedom is about behavior modification and building a sound financial foundation.

Next Step

Let me help you evolve your money so you can evolve your life starting with a free 15 minute consultation.